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2020-06-16 15:22:11

Diploma in Engineering Study Opportunity

If you do have a Diploma in Engineering degree from any recognized institute (by BTEB - Bangladesh Technical Education Board), the following opportunities given below is for you.

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Study Opportunity:

When you have done a diploma in engineering degree  in Bangladesh, these educational/study opportunities are available for you.

1.  B.Tech: 

B.Tech is meant by  Bachelor in Technology or BSc in Technical Education which is a post graduation degree or normally called Degree. Two institute provided below are offering a B.Tech for the diploma in engineers or polytechnic passed students.

(i) Technical Teachers Training College: 

The Technical Teachers Training College is is a Govt. institute is offering B.Tech which is certified by the University of Dhaka after doing a 4 years of diploma in engineering. TTTC takes two years to complete B.Tech but a student needs three years to make it. A one year of  Diploma in Technical Education is needed to take first and then the student is eligible to take the B.Tech. For more information visit www.tttc.edu.bd 

(ii) International University of technology(IUT):

IUT(which is organized by Organisation of Islamic Cooperation - OIC) offering a B.Tech after diploma too. As it is a institute of OIC, thus the tuition fee is free at IUT. The candidate need to have a good result and if the candidate has a two years of job experience, he will get a better opportunity to admit IUT.

2. BSC in Engineering:

BSC in Engineering is very common and desirable degree all over the world. Most of the people would like to have it done after diploma. To study BSC in Engineering in Bangladesh, best and better opportunities are discussed below. But which option is better for you depends on your relational conditions(as like as financial condition, the enough time you have, your floating status etc).

(i)Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology(DUET):

DUET is one of the best choice to do have a higher study after diploma in our country. Many student would like to admit DUET by hook or by crook because of the high competition to admit. For more info you can visit www.duet.ac.bd

(ii) Shahjalal University of Science and Technology(SUST):

SUST is also providing a good opportunity take the course.

(iii) AMIE: