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Mission & Vision

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We want to contribute to national economy through:

Ø   Developing Technically Skilled Human Resources

Ø   Creating Entrepreneurs

Ø   Guide the students to become a responsible citizens and a competent professionals

Ø   Ensuring competency among every successful student

Ø   Face-lilting students to learn unlearn and relearn

Ø   Serving the Industries through Developing Human Resources with required skills.


Ø   A center of excellence in engineering and Technology, Computer, Electrical and Civil, Telecommunication Technology.

Ø   To aim higher education setup with continuous improvement in the areas of technical and scientific knowledge.

Ø   Practice and promote high standard of professional ethics, Transparency and accountability.

Ø   Quality Assurance through Accreditation.

Ø   Accreditation as Indicators Excellece.

Ø   Graduates/output of Entrepreneurs and leader in community development.

Ø   Developing human resource towards perfections.

Ø   Inspiring the students to bring out the best from each and everyone.

Our Core Values

We have identified and adopted seven values known as IST CORE values.

Ø   Self-Discipline

Ø   Personal Integrity

Ø   Care & Concern

Ø   Continuous improvement

Ø   Responsibility